Radiant Dance - Empower, Heal, and Strengthen through Dance!
Invite yourself to Dance...
  • Simply move your body to the rhythms of music
  • Help reduce stress through joyful movements
  • Work out body and mind in your own intensity
  • Build/maintain stamina and muscle strength
I am a certified instructor of movement-oriented mind & body workout; Yoga Dance, Nia, and Ageless Grace®, offering fun, easy, and simple whole-body workout sessions adaptable to your own fitness level.  This fall, I am offering monthly Nia workshop at Dream Yoga Studio in McLean, and weekly Nia classes at Reston Community Center (Classes as open to residents as well as to non-residents.)
 [Camille Shiotsuki]
Thank you for dancing with me at
Floyd Yoga Jam - Yoga and Music Festival 2013 for the second year!
For a complete schedule, click Class Schedule 
Yoga Dance : Lift spirits, balance your body's energy centers (Chakras), and play with your inner Self who craves to express. 
Please check back again or send me an e-mail to be on the distribution list.
Nia : Experience and explore your genuine movements through holistic moves incorporating Martial Arts, Healing Arts, and Dance Arts.
Dream Yoga Studio, McLean, VA
(registration recommended, www.DreamYogaStudio.com)
FREE introductory class : Saturday 2 PM - 3 PM, Jan 4
6-week session #1 : Saturdays 2 PM - 3 PM, Jan 11 - Feb 15
(walk-in available)
Reston Community Center Lake Anne
(registration required, www.RestonCommunityCenter.com)
Wednesdays, 6:15 PM - 7:15 PM
8-week session #1 : January 15 - March 5
8-week session #2 : March 26 - May 21 (no class on April 16)
Ageless Grace® : Increase and maintain mobility, agility and strength by simple and playful movements to all types of music, whether you are on your feet or in your chair.
Would you like to have a class or workshop at your site?
Contact : Camille Shiotsuki 
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